Students4Change believes that sustainable practices are essential to avoiding the catastrophic affects of permanent climate change. We support sustainable practices in our municipal buildings and efforts to push sustainable initiatives across the town. Recycling, composting, community gardens, beach cleanups, and renewable energy projects in new capital infrastructure are just some ways for our community to lower our carbon footprint. We were proud to support Rhode Island's Act on Climate in 2021. Students4Change is a proud partner with the NK Environmental Organization.

Beach Cleanups!

The NKEO has hosted several beach cleanups with Clean Ocean Access. Message Eliza Jensen (email above) or follow NKEO on Instagram @nkenvironmentalorg for more information on how to get involved!

Sustainable Facts and Products

On Instagram, the NKEO posts weekly sustainable facts to keep their followers up to date on sustainable tips! They also support and promote buisnesses who are environmentally conscious with their products.